MiMedia is a cloud storage platform focused on secure sharing, great UI and one of a kind cloud media experience.


MiMedia came to us with a challenge - extend their in-house dev team to help support legacy Mac and Windows apps. The partnership proved successful and Mercury was chosen as the main developer for new generation of MiMedia apps across all platforms.


For the last 3 years our developers, QA engineers and mimedia server development team have been working hand in hand to create a unique cloud media ecosystem that can handle millions of users. Two teams divided by an ocean share the same agile development process with parallel sprints and regular sync up meetings making sure they work as one.

Mercury’s dedication to process and quality is amazing. At one point, their team included more than 30 engineers making progress on 4 parallel projects and all efforts were on track and in full sync with our internal platform development. This level of integration is hard to come by.


Continued effort and commitment on both sides helped MiMedia raise $15M in Series C funding in 2016 and launch a successful partnership with Micromax. MiMedia app was factory installed as a default gallery app for smartphones manufactured by Micromax - number 1 phone vendor in India.


Joint efforts of UX experts from Mercury and Ronik Design resulted in a simple, fun and rewarding experience making MiMedia a great place to share and organize your memories.

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